We carry only chickens that are minimally processed.  Our chicken is not pumped with salt water solutions or chicken broth like you may find at the grocery store.  This is important for so many reasons.  Obviouisly, the more natural your food is, the better.  Plus, un-tampered chicken really does taste better!


At Pottstown Meat & Deli, all the chickens we sell are raised right here in the Midwest with no added growth hormones.  Absolutely none of our fresh chicken breasts and whole chickens are enhanced with phosphates or other solutions like the big supermarkets have been known to do.  We think you’ll find that the flavor of our fresh chickens will blow away anything you’ve had from the supermarket.

Marinated Chicken Breasts

Using these natural chicken breasts, we have created over 30 unique flavors of marinated chicken breasts. From mild to spicy, we are sure to have a flavor that's right for you!

Free Range Chickens

We are also proud to carry locally raised free-range chickens raised in Eastern Illinois by the Amish. The Amish take great pride in how they raise their chickens and are guaranteed to be free of added growth hormones and antibiotics. They are raised in fresh air environments without the confines of tight quarters in a chicken coop. The chickens are fed an all-vegetarian diet and thus put weight on naturally, providing for a meaty and juicy end product.

Fresh Turkeys

At Thanksgiving and again at Christmastime, we also handle Amish Country Kitchen's Fresh Turkeys. These birds are raised the same way as their free-range chickens. We guarantee that you have never had a better holiday turkey than this. The rest of the year, we have have these turkeys available frozen, so if you have a taste for turkey in July, you've found the right place! We begin taking orders for our holiday turkeys in October. Be sure to order early to reserve the size of turkey you desire. Some sizes go quickly!